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Should I buy shoes with laces or Velcro for my young child? – The Shoe Crew – First Walkers Community

Should I buy shoes with laces or Velcro for my young child?

Asked a year ago

Hey, I am buying shoes for my 3-year-old girl and am trying to decide whether I should get her laced or velcro shoes. All of her current shoes are velcro although she will need to learn how to do laces eventually. At what age do children typically start wearing shoes with laces? TYIA

Bhashwati Deb Barma

Bhashwati Deb Barma

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

You can wait for another year before switching to laces. Typically, children at 4-5 years of year start wearing shoes with laces. Velcro straps keep the shoes intact and prevent tripping over loose shoes. If your girl is doing well with her balance and coordination, you can slowly start teaching her to use shoes with laces.

Dakota Russo

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hey! For your 3-year-old, I'd stick with Velcro shoes for now. They're super easy for her to put on and take off by herself, which is great. Velcro is also really convenient for quick changes which is a must-have if you have toddlers. When she gets a bit older and more coordinated, you can transition to laces to help her learn. For now, Velcro is definitely the way to go. Hope this helps! 😊

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