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How Much Wiggle Room Should Be In Your Child’s Shoes – First Walkers Answers

How Much Wiggle Room Should Be In Your Child’s Shoes

Wondering how much wiggle room in shoes your kid needs? Learn about the right amount of shoe space for growing feet in our comprehensive guide.

Jasrah Javed - Writer for First Walkers
By Jasrah Javed
Jovan Mijailović
Edited by Jovan Mijailović

Published September 28, 2023.

A woman kneeling down next to a child on a chair.

Selecting the correct shoe size for your child is a crucial choice that can influence their comfort while growing. That's why you must determine the right amount of wiggle room inside the shoe.

Although choosing a larger size to accommodate growth spurts may be tempting, you need to strike the perfect balance between space and fit. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this vital selection process, ensuring your child's comfort and proper foot development.

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Understanding the Importance of Proper Fit

In addition to causing discomfort and irritation, research suggests improperly fitted shoes can lead to serious foot problems. Given that children's feet are constantly growing, it's essential to regularly check their shoe sizes to guarantee their utmost comfort and well-being.

The Risks of Too Much Wiggle Room

Although it may appear accommodating, having too much wiggle room in a child's shoes can present a number of problems, as listed below:

  • Instability
  • Reduced support
  • Blisters and Friction
  • Increasing the possibility of tripping or falling
  • Inadequate arch support

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The Dangers of Insufficient Wiggle Room

There are several possible risks and inconveniences that might result from a child's shoes not having enough wiggle room, such as:

  • Discomfort
  • restricted movement
  • Potential effect on circulation
  • Calluses, ingrown toenails, and corns
  • Potential for hindering healthy bone and muscle growth and development

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Finding the Right Amount of Wiggle Room

To find the right amount of wiggle room, ensure you have a thumb's width or roughly half an inch extra space at the front of the shoe to allow for their inescapable growing. Additionally, check the fit of their shoes frequently to ensure comfort and unrestricted growth, especially during growth spurts.

Growing Confidently with the Right Shoe Fit

Finding the right shoes for your child will affect their comfort and growth. Take a look through the First Walkers shoe selection to ensure that you start this adventure with assurance. Your kid will have the stability and security required for those first steps with features like flexible soles and cushioned insoles.


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