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Do you have express shipping options? How much does it cost?

All Australian orders are shipped via AUSPost Express at no extra cost.

If you are not in Australia, please find out the cost of shipping to your country here:

How can I get an invoice for my NDIS manager?

You have two options:

1. A self-service tool available on the website so that you can generate the invoice in a couple of minutes:

2. You can always contact us via email: and request that you need an invoice; the letter should contain the following information:

- Full name
- Phone number
- NDIS number
- Shoes you would like to purchase (model and size)
- Shipping address - Billing address (if different from the shipping address)

We will generate and provide an invoice as soon as we receive the information.

Can I exchange the shoes if I have missed my 14-day return policy?

We always try to meet our customers' needs and consider each case individually if the 14-day return period has passed. Therefore, if this happens, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will attempt to assist.

Do we have an offline store?

At this stage, we are purely an online retailer.

How can I find out what is the correct size for my child?

Our team has developed a measuring size chart that could help choose the correct size:

Please note that we do recommend following the guide and avoiding adding any extra centimetres for most situations. If the length of two feet is slightly different, we suggest using the measurements of the larger one, whether it's open or closed-toe sandals. Additionally, we offer one return per year "on us", so you can try one size and, if not the right fit, return and exchange to a different size or request a refund.

Are First Walkers shoes suitable for wearing with Orthotics?

Yes, our shoes are suitable to wear with different types of orthotics. All shoes in our range have built-in arch support, and many of the customers use our shoes to fit in AFOs / SMOs or other orthotics, and their physiotherapists are satisfied.

Some physios/podiatrists decide to remove inbuilt arch support; however, it largely depends on their orthotics.

In terms of the sizing, we recommend measuring the orthotics instead of measuring the feet.


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