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Bhashwati Deb Barma - Writer for First Walkers

Bhashwati Deb Barma


Biomechanics, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Children’s & Women’s Health


Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from M.S.Ramaiah Medical College


Bhashwati holds a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and a diploma in child care and nutrition. Her education and training have given her a firm grasp of paediatric physiotherapy, and Bhashwati is currently working with exceptional children in the community. Several years ago, she decided to pursue her love of the written word and combine it with her training and experience in physical therapy to produce expert health content.

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“Our feet tell our stories. They carry us through this life, moving us from one sorrow and season to the next. Our gait can reveal us to be buoyant or bullish, dispirited or steadfast.” – Cicely Tyson

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