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Is it Bad for Toddlers to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big? – First Walkers Answers

Is it Bad for Toddlers to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big?

Understand the role of properly fitting shoes in promoting toddler mobility and safety. Explore the long-term effects of oversized footwear on their development and well-being.

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By Babafemi Adebajo
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Edited by Lucia Gcingca

Updated February 15, 2024.

A toddler in a colorful dress and high heels - Is it Bad for Toddlers to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

Did you know 65% of kids wear the wrong shoe size? Toddlers grow at lightning speed, so there's a temptation to buy big shoes to save money.

But, most parents don't realize that loose-fitting footwear poses many dangers. Let's check the hidden risks of letting your tiny tots wear big shoes and how to ensure your toddler's shoes encourage their growth.

Why Proper Shoe Sizing Matters for Toddlers

Your toddler's shoes must fit properly because if they don't, it can lead to instability, making them more prone to stumbles and falls. If your little one's sneakers are too tight, it'll limit their natural movement, causing discomfort, muscle imbalances, and potential foot deformities.

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The Impact of Oversized Shoes on Your Little One

When toddlers wear shoes that are bigger than their sizes, it can result in:

  • Stumbling and tripping: Loose-fitting shoes will cause instability and reduce coordination, potentially leading to falls, which can lead to ankle sprains.
  • Muscle imbalance: To grip the shoe and prevent it from falling off, toddlers may need to overexert certain muscles, leading to those muscles becoming stronger and causing imbalances between the agonists and antagonists.
  • Delayed gait development: Difficulty controlling the shoe can delay the development of correct walking patterns.
  • Skin irritations: Rubbing against the oversized shoe while trying to keep the shoe imposition on the feet can also cause painful blisters and skin irritations.

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Tiny Feet, Big Impact: Why the Right Shoes Matter

A well-fitting shoe supports proper gait patterns, aids muscle development, and prevents common issues like blisters and friction.

Specifically designed for toddlers just taking their first steps, First Walkers go beyond style—they're meticulously crafted to ensure the right balance of support, cushioning, and stability for your toddler. Having shoes that fit properly is a solid step toward your toddler’s foot development and health.


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