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How to Know if My Toddler Sprained an Ankle – First Walkers Answers

How to Know if My Toddler Sprained an Ankle

Tiny feet—big adventures—and sometimes ouches come along for the ride

Jasrah Javed - Writer for First Walkers
By Jasrah Javed
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Edited by Lucia Gcingca

Published December 14, 2023.

A toddler with a sprained ankle.

As your toddler explores the world with boundless energy, bumps, and scrapes are bound to happen. One common pitfall is a sprained ankle, a little twist that can make even the bravest adventurer whimper.

Think about all that jumping, running, and climbing your little one does—it's like living in an action movie. So, while their enthusiasm is infectious, it also makes them more prone to those "oops" moments. You should know the signs of a sprained ankle.

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Signs Your Toddler Sprained an Ankle

There are a few vital signs you should keep an eye out for if you suspect your little one sprained their ankle. They are:

  • Pain and sensitivity around the ankle joint.
  • Swelling and bruising around the ankle area.
  • Limping or hesitation to put weight on the injured foot.
  • Another indicator worth noting is gently feeling around the area to check if it feels warmer than usual.

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Preventing and Managing Future Injuries

If you confirm your toddler sprained an ankle, encourage them to kick back, relax, and put their feet up. Next, grab that trusty ice pack, wrap it up in a towel, and cuddle it next to the ouches for 15-20 minute bursts every couple of hours.

Lastly, remember, that your little adventurer might be itching to get back to action, but remind them to take it slow. If the swelling won't budge, it's time to call in the doctor for reinforcements. Mishaps are part of growing up, but investing in sturdy shoes, like those from First Walkers, can give your kid better ankle support, reducing the risk of injuries.


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