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First Walkers NDIS Support

By First Walkers

Published April 12, 2024.

A girl is sitting on the stairs, wearing high-cut sandals with ankle support

Can I purchase orthopaedic shoes for my kid using NDIS funds?

You definitely can purchase First Walkers shoes using NDIS funds. It doesn’t matter if you manage the NDIS plan yourself or you have a plan manager/agency that you work with. We work with many NDIS clients and provide them with orthopaedic shoes for their kids.

What is the process of purchasing kids shoes using NDIS funds?

If you have an NDIS plan manager or an agency, feel free to browse our selection of orthopaedic shoes for kids and pick one that will work for you. After that, you can contact your plan manager for approval. You can generate from the cart by using the NDIS payment button or we will be happy to provide invoices and any relevant information for you. If you manage the NDIS plan yourself, you can purchase orthopaedic shoes for your kids yourself. We will generate an invoice for you which you can use to apply for the reimbursement from NDIS. Please, make sure that NDIS can reimburse you for these particular shoes before purchasing.

Are you a registered NDIS provider?

Not at this moment. However, you can purchase and reimburse shoes thorough NDIS if you have approval from your NDIS plan manager. We work with many clients and their plan managers to assist with purchase and reimbursement through NDIS. Have any questions about how we work with NDIS? Feel free to contact us

What is NDIS?

NDIS is a National Disability Insurance Scheme. It provides support to eligible people through NDIS funds. NDIS is jointly governed and funded by the Australian and participating states and territory governments. The great thing is that NDIS provides support for all ages.


Feel free to visit NDIS website - and find out more about their services.


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