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How to Fix Shoe Velcro That Isn't Sticking – First Walkers Answers

How to Fix Shoe Velcro That Isn't Sticking

Use these clever tricks to extend the life of your kid's shoes and reduce those frustrating loose straps.

Jasrah Javed - Writer for First Walkers
By Jasrah Javed
Caitlin Snethlage
Edited by Caitlin Snethlage

Updated February 15, 2024.

A child fastening a Velcro strap on her shoe.

Remember that satisfying crunch of velcro fastening securely to your kid's sneakers? Neither do we when it loses its stick. But don't toss those shoes just yet. Let's see how you can refresh the velcro on shoes to prolong their wear.

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Quick On-The-Go Fixes for Velcro That’s Not Sticking

  • Cleaning: Lint, dirt, and pet hair can cause Velcro to lose efficacy. To restore the grip, use a small brush or the rough side to remove any collected debris.
  • Toothbrush scrub: Use an old toothbrush to gently refresh the Velcro on your kid's shoes and remove dirt. It'll restore its hook and loop parts, making it stick better.
  • Repositioning straps: To reveal underused sections, reposition the Velcro straps. This may offer a brand-new surface for improved adherence.
  • Velcro replacement: Consider replacing worn-out or broken straps with new Velcro. Self-stick Velcro can be found at most local hardware or craft stores, which can then be trimmed to match the pre-existing Velcro strips on the shoes.
  • Increasing friction: Sometimes, increasing the amount of friction can improve grip. Velcro may stick better if you press it tightly or rub it with a cloth.

A More Permanent Solution

If cleaning doesn't do the trick, consider using adhesives. Here are some options:

  • Contact cement is excellent for reattaching worn-out Velcro or straps securely.
  • Velcro-specific adhesives revitalise non-adhesive Velcro, giving them a brand-new sticky hold.
  • Dual-lock fasteners offer a robust, reusable alternative with a unique interlocking design and high-strength adhesive backing.
  • Velcro adhesive sprays are a convenient way to refresh Velcro on your little one's shoes evenly to both surfaces.

Tip: Clean Velcro thoroughly before applying any adhesive, and always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.

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Secure Shoes, Happy Kids

While these solutions are helpful, consider the root cause. Are the shoes ill-fitting? Do alternative closure options like zippers or buckles better suit your child's needs?

Investing in the right shoes is like buying your kid a passport to endless exploration. First Walkers offers expert-approved shoes with perfect fit, adjustable closures, and quality materials—the recipe for happy feet ready for any adventure.


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