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Do Knock Knees Affect Height Growth?

Do Knock Knees Affect Height Growth? Unlocking the Connection

Learn how knock knees affect growth plates—a connective tissue responsible for bone growth

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By Babafemi Adebajo
Jovan Mijailović
Edited by Jovan Mijailović

Published October 25, 2023.

Two girls in a field, one with straight legs and the other one with knock knees

Knock knees—the opposite of bowlegs—is a condition where the knees bend inward. It causes an observable gap between the ankles when the knees are together. In contrast, normal leg alignment features knees vertically aligned over the ankles when standing upright.

But can the condition affect the height growth of your child? Let's take a look at the connection between knock knees and development.

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Connection Between Leg Alignment and Growth Plates

Growth plates are thin connective tissue discs at the end of long bones in kids and adolescents—responsible for bone growth and alignment. Over time, they gradually harden, stopping the development altogether.

If the growth plates on one leg grow quicker than those on the other side, it can lead to an imbalance in leg length and alignment, potentially worsening the condition. Severe knock knees or injuries can also damage the growth plates, causing them to harden into solid bone prematurely.

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Impact of Knock Knees on Growth Plates

Knock knees can affect the functioning of growth plates, as the abnormal alignment damages them, making them harden into solid bone earlier. The process then limits the growth of the leg's long bones, limiting your child's overall height.

Supporting Your Child's Development

While knock knees impact a child's leg alignment and growth plates, approach the issue patiently. Most cases of the condition resolve independently; if you're concerned, consult a healthcare professional.

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