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How to Label Your Child’s School Shoes – First Walkers Answers

How to Label Your Child’s School Shoes

Keep track of your child's school shoes with these effective methods on how to mark them.

Benjamin Aduwo - Writer for First Walkers
By Benjamin Aduwo
Dorian Rhode
Edited by Dorian Rhode

Updated May 2, 2024.

How to label school shoes: a boy sitting on a bench putting on shoes.

If you've ever had to ask your child, "Where on earth are your shoes?" you understand the need to label them.

Kids often take their shoes off in various areas of the school. During PE classes, they usually change into athletic shoes, leaving their regular shoes in their lockers or cubbies. Afterwards, they might forget to retrieve their original shoes in the rush to change back.

While selecting the right pair of shoes is crucial, labelling those school shoes is also essential. Doing this might seem minor, but it can significantly benefit both parents and children, preventing the burnout of both parties.

The Importance of Labelling School Shoes

Labelling your kids’ shoes reflects a keen sense of responsibility, instilling valuable habits of care and consideration. It saves time, prevents mix-ups, and offers peace of mind for parents and guardians.

Note: A busy classroom or a bustling hallway can confuse your kid, causing it to lose, misplace, or swap its shoes. If you label them, you ensure that they're easily distinguishable from their classmates. This aids teachers, school staff, and fellow students when helping your child find its footwear.

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How to Label Shoes for School

Let’s consider five step-by-step processes for labelling your kids' shoes:

  • Permanent Markers: Write their initials clearly on the shoe using an oil-based permanent marker. After a few minutes, gently touch the label to ensure it doesn't smudge.
  • Iron-on Labels: Place the label on the desired spot and set the iron to the temperature written in the instructions. Cover with parchment paper and gently press the iron for 10-15 seconds. Lift and carefully peel back the corner of the paper to check if you did it correctly.
  • Sticker Style: Choose your preferred spot. Carefully peel the sticker-style label from its backing and apply it by pressing down firmly and holding it for a few minutes. Tug at the label to ensure it's adhering well, and leave for a few hours before wearing.
  • Shoe Tags: Choose a spot like the shoes' laces, buckles, or loops. Attach the shoe tag and adjust the placement. Gently tug at it to ensure it's secure.
  • Shoe Stamps: Before applying the stamp directly, test it on scrap paper or cardboard and choose its placement. Press it onto the ink pad to coat it evenly, but don't oversaturate it. Stamp the shoe and hold to allow the ink to transfer properly to the material. Lift and wait for the label to dry.

Note: Ensure the shoes are clean and dry before you use any of these methods.

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Ensuring a Step in the Right Direction

With the busy school routines, extracurricular activities, and playdates, shoes often find themselves in a sea of similar pairs. By labelling shoes, you can effortlessly distinguish them from the rest. This ensures a smooth start to the day and minimizes the chances of losing them.

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